Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fearing Support: States of America

State of America III, oil on canvas, 60 x 40 cm, ©Steve Lewis 2016

State of America I, oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm, ©Steve Lewis 2016

The United States election of 2016 has been hijacked by Donald Trump. His bigotry and shrewdness is hardly as terrifying as the support he has received from the American people. How he has managed to stay in the lead is frightening for many around the world. One only needs to tune in to a Republican debate to see the type of person he is and how dangerous he could be as a leader. His bullying tactics and disrespectful words have won the support of a public who is tired of the establishment and excited to see this non-political bombshell turn Washington upside down. Trump has tapped into key issues and self-proclaimed to be the only candidate capable of finding the solutions. His confidence and repetitive statements are cheered even when no real plans have been offered. Seeking approval by spreading hate and fear should repulse voters rather than attract them. Drudging up the worst in society is the most disgusting and horrifying aspect of this election. Trump has made this "us vs. them" mentality acceptable and to many correct. To "Make America Great Again," Trump is announcing who and what is to blame for making it so awful and igniting the voters' national pride, which runs dangerously deep and strong in all Americans whether they want to admit it or not, to get them on his side. An American society afraid of not being as great as it believes it should be is dangerous. One that is being fed messages which demonize others is terrifying. These paintings are visual reactions to Trump, his campaign, and the shock of his overwhelming and blind support. These ghosts lurking in the darkness or posing as in family portraits represent this fear for what may come.

©Steve Lewis 2016

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